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MILIVOJA studio is our Industrial Design, Engineering, and Prototyping firm, founded in Serbia, in 2020.

We offer product development services and effectively respond to design challenges that may occur at any stage of the design process, with the express purpose of enabling brands to successfully materialize their visions and tap into the future

Whether it is a conducted research, concept sketch, 3D model design, or a product prototype, our team consistently delivers market-defining results, while establishing everlasting connections between brands and consumers.



Milos MIlivojevic

I am Miloš Milivojević, a Mechanical Engineer, a founder and a Design Director of MILIVOJA studio, as well as a self-taught Industrial Designer from Aleksinac, Serbia.

I was actually introduced to the art of design at a very early age through my great grandfather, a humble shoemaker, who eagerly let me spend my childhood days in his workshop.

Namely, he greatly encouraged my participation in his decision-making process over the design of his shoes, which sparked my interest and later passion for designing.

Today, together with my team, I employ futuristic design to translate digital experiences into equally compelling physical ones.



I am Nikola Đorđević, a business enthusiast with demonstrated experience in both business development and market analysis.

Besides Internet technologies, my special interests reside within the fields of psychology and human behavior, as well as scientific and technological breakthroughs.

And since I have always loved looking at the bigger picture and connecting the dots, no wonder that choosing this profession felt so natural.

Now, as a Partner and a Business Development Executive of MILIVOJA studio, I try to spare no effort in providing the companies with the necessary assistance so that they may secure their place at the cutting edge within their respective industries.